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Divine Lakshmi Kempstone Maang Tikka

Divine Lakshmi Kempstone Maang Tikka

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Traditional antique jewellery with a resplendent Lashmi Devi centerpiece, embellished with dazzling kemp stones and delicate gold beads that gracefully dangle Elevate your traditional style with this exquisite antique jewellery piece.

Adorned with kemp stones and gold beads, the radiant Lashmi Devi centerpiece adds a touch of elegance to any outfit.

collection and embrace the opulence.

Metal type Brass Alloy
Texture Premium Matte Finish
Occasion type Festivals, Party, Wedding, All Occasions
Type name Maang Tikka
Country of Origin India

Dimensions (cm)

Earring ( l x b x w ) 14cm x 14cm x 1cm

  • l -   Length
  • b -  Breadth
  • w - Width

*Please consider slight image-to-product variations



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